Custom Website + Copy

SteVen Knipp Hair Studio

I designed and built a new website for SteVen Knipp, a hairstylist located in Muncie, Indiana. Although SteVen had a client site through a scheduling platform, it didn’t allow for the customization necessary in order to create an online presence that truly reflected SteVen's level of work and passion for comic books.

After getting to know SteVen, I started by creating a site design and accompanying graphics that allowed for SteVen's personality to shine through. My favorite feature is the comic book style images of SteVen’s clients, which I created in Photoshop. I also added a customized animated hero image. Rounding out the site, I added a lookbook, testimonials, an about page written by SteVen, a page about SteVen’s work in the community, and information on how to get to the studio.

SteVen regularly gets compliments about the site, and it has contributed to the studio ranking on the first page of Google for “Muncie Hairstylist”, a much higher ranking in search results than would have been possible with just a booking page.