Branding + Copy + Custom Online Shop

Quechua Fair Trade

My client Nancy wanted to develop a brand for the fair trade clothing business she was starting. Quechua Fair Trade sells items made by artisans in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, so it was important that the branding reflect that region. Since Nancy’s target market is women, especially those with young children, we set out to create a brand that would appeal to that market.

I first chose brand colors and fonts that fit the brand ethos that Nancy wanted to create. We chose bold, bright colors that are typically found in the handmade wool items created by artisans in the Andes region. For the logo, I created an alpaca with the tassels typically found on those bred in the region for their soft wool.

After researching various platforms, I recommended that Nancy use Shopify in order to provide a seamless experience for her customers. I then learned the ins and outs of Shopify in order to create a site that not only provides a pleasant shopping experience, but also educates customers on the advantages of buying fair trade goods, something that is very important to my client.