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Cenova Speaks

My client Peggy recently retired from a highly succcessful career and is launching a new venture as a speaker and mentor. I started by creating a personal brand that reflects Peggy’s warm but professional demeanor. I chose a serif font to present a traditional, established aesthetic, and I paired it with warm, vivid colors that reflect Peggy’s outgoing, energetic personality. Peggy chose the sunburst detail herself, and it complements the wordmark perfectly.

After the main elements of the branding were in place, I created a business card and moved on to the website itself. Peggy wanted a simple one-page site, which I designed and built in Wix. I added a photo from one of one of Peggy’s prior speaking engagements that reflects the way she lights up a room as the hero image. I then added Peggy’s self-written bio, created a section outlining her services, and finished off with some testimonials written by prior colleagues and clients. For a call to action, Peggy wanted to speak with potential clients directly before they are able to book a service, so I added a simple contact form. The result is a simple site that clearly communicates Peggy’s brand, value, and offerings now, while leaving room to expand later if she so chooses.

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